About Himalaya

We are present in Madhya Pradesh and nearby states with headquarter in Indore, M.P. for over 25 years and a significant player in the paints industry. HIMALAYA was established by Mr Manoj Shitole in 2007 but earlier HIMALAYA was manufactured by different manufacturers for 5 years. Mr Manoj Shitole has 25 years of experience in the paints and coatings industry as he has been working in the industry since 1990. Over the years, HIMALAYA witnessed sustained expansion, growth and transformation with perfect paints, coatings and satisfied customers. The manufacturing plant was established in 2012 and every year we try to introduce new products in India to strengthen our position as an innovative paint company. We do have a consistent success track record of maintaining high-quality products and will always stand out in the crowd of paint manufacturers. Our creative approach forces others to imitate us. We are happy to be the innovator and trendsetter in the paint industry. With a strong notion to innovate with the growing age of technology, we have delivered a line of new products and upgraded technologies like eco-friendly products, water-based liquid paints, industrial products, etc. for interiors and exteriors that give true value for money.


Our mission is to give our customers a better experience and the best quality with competitive price and best services.


Our vision is to become the most valued and well-known brand in India.